Chef Gary Serafin
30-A Gourmet
Menu Items
 Heat, Plate & Enjoy!
 Items packaged in aluminum oven-ready containers:
Heating Instructions:
(Listed alphabetically):
BBQ Pork     (30-40 minutes)
Bread Pudding     (20 minutes)
Crab Cakes & Rice     (20-30 minutes)
Curried Chicken & Rice     (30-40 minutes)
Grilled Salmon & Rice     (20-30 minutes)
Lasagna:  (Bake 30 minutes, then uncover & pour Bechamel sauce over lasagna & bake 10  minutes)
Manicotti (30 minutes)
Meatloaf & Potatoes     (30-40 minutes)
Roast Chicken & Dressing     (30-40 minutes)
Seafood Pasta Sauce (See Sauce & Gravy below)
Teriyaki Pork & Rice     (30-40 minutes)
1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2.  Place aluminum container with lid in oven. See specific menu item for number of minutes in oven & additional instructions.
3.  Plate and enjoy!
Items packaged in sealed pouch:
Heating Instructions:
Green Beans
Stir Fried Vegetables
1. Cut 2” slit in plastic pouch.
2. Place pouch in microwave for 3 minutes plus, or until contents are warm.
Note: Microwaves vary in both power & time required to heat food items.

Items packaged in plastic container:
Heating Instructions:
Sides:     (Microwave timing, see instructions)
Baked Beans     (3 minutes, plus intervals as needed)
Creamed Corn     (3 minutes, plus intervals)
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo     (3 minutes, plus intervals)
Shrimp Bisque     (3 minutes, plus intervals)
Tomato, Corn & Lima Succotash (3 minutes, plus intervals)
Sauce & Gravy:     (Microwave timing, see instructions)
Bourbon Sauce     (1 minute)
Carmelized Onion Gravy   (Stovetop ONLY, no microwave)
Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc    (Stovetop ONLY, no microwave)
Orange Sauce     (1-2 minutes)
Raspberry Sauce     (1 minute)
Seafood & Herb Sauce    (Stovetop ONLY, no microwave)
Teriyaki Sauce     (1 minute)
Stovetop: (Chef’s preferred method)
1.  Transfer items to appropriate size saucepan.
2.  Cook on stovetop with Medium Heat until warm. 
1.  Open container (unseal lid).
2.  Heat number of minutes as instructed by menu item. Add 1 minute intervals as needed until warm. The intervals prevent over-heating.
3.  Note: Microwaves vary in both power & time required to heat food items.

Heating Instructions:
French Bread
Roasted Garlic Bread
Yeast Rolls
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Heat in oven for 5 minutes.
Spring Mix Salad     (Remove Salad & Vinaigrette from refrigerator & toss in a bowl or serve dressing on side)

Bread Pudding     (See aluminum packaged instructions)
Chocolate Cake     (Serve at room temperature. Serve with warm raspberry sauce, see sauce heating instructions)
Key Lime Pie     (Serve right out of the refrigerator)
Mango Cheesecake     (Serve right out of the refrigerator)

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