30-A Gourmet Market Street Meatloaf

Our grandmother's recipe, delicious! This family meal includes:

*Market Street Meatloaf
*Carmelized Onion Gravy
*Rosemary Whipped Potatoes
*Dill Honey Baby Carrots
*Yeast Rolls

Warm the meatloaf and whipped potatoes in the aluminum container, heat the gravy and rolls, place the vacuum sealed pack of carrots in the microwave and your family will think either your grandmother or Aunt Bee of Andy of Mayberry fame is in the kitchen!

Order sizes available:
Standard Order serves 8 @ $134.50   ($16.82/ per person)
Plus Order serves 12 @ $201.75   ($16.82/ per person)
Half Order serves 4 @ $80   ($20/ per person)

Market Street Meatloaf with Carmelized Onion Gravy

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