Three Cheese & Italian Sausage Lasagna

Whether or not you are of Italian heritage, your family and friends will request this plentiful meal time after time!

*Three Cheese & Italian Sausage Lasagna
*Fresh Spring Mix Salad & Balsamic Vinaigrette
*Garlic Bread

The entree is packaged in an aluminum container ready to bake in your oven. Toss the fresh spring mix salad with the balsamic vinagrette, warm the garlic bread and you are good to go!
Serves 4

Order sizes available:
Half Order serves 4 @ $92  ($23/ per person)
Standard Order serves 8 @ $154.50  ($19.32/ per person)
Plus Order serves 12 @ $231.75  
($19.32/ per person)

Three Cheese & Italian Sausage Lasagna

Price: $92.00
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