30A Gourmet Inc Terms & Conditions

State of Florida Compliance

30A Gourmet Inc. provides quality food prepared within industry guidelines and health codes. We are licensed, insured and inspected by the State of Florida.  30A Gourmet Inc. has a 2APS State of Florida license to sell alcohol and beer and operates under the restrictions and guidelines of that license.

Food Preparation

We commit to provide quality food to our customers. The customer agrees to follow the recommended heating instructions provided with our meals and available on our website.  The customer understands that the food provided by 30A Gourmet Inc must be kept within an acceptable temperature range prior to re-heating.  


30A Gourmet Inc cannot be held responsible or liable for food items wherein the customer does not maintain a proper temperature for the food prior to heating, nor for food that is not cooked according to the heating instructions as stated in our information.


30A Gourmet Inc commits to provide prompt delivery but cannot be held liable for the exact time of delivery due to traffic, auto accidents or other situations beyond our control.

The customer is responsible for receiving the delivery as outlined by our instructions. The customer acknowledges someone 21years of age or older must be present to receive any order that contains alcohol.

Should there be an issue, 30A Gourmet will try to complete the delivery, but cannot guarantee the timeline.


The customer acknowledges placement of an order with 30A Gourmet Inc commits payment of that order in full at the time of placement.

Should there be an issue requiring a credit or partial credit, 30A Gourmet Inc management will make every attempt to mutually resolve the issue. 

Ultimately, the customer is liable to pay 30A Gourmet for meals & products ordered.